Looking through the eyes of three men, with 2020 Vision

For the redeemed of the Lord, there’s good news in the Word of God; to help us avoid, panic action, and maintain an action based on balanced perception. With that in mind; our decisions and how we live our lives are based on perspective, and is just as important as reality of life.

Up to this point, Coronavirus has presented some opportunities of Praise for those who have survived this pandemic, and for others, who have witnessed the passing from this life into eternity, of a relative or friend. We pause and pray for you. During these times, we often find ourselves without words with meaning and memorable, to offer a sense compassion. How awkward and emotional draining this may seem, the truth is; when grief knocks on our heart’s door, we need a sense that someone is with you, and they want to be with you. People need to know; there’s someone willing to help them shoulder their sorrow.

With everything that’s going on around us; even outside our communities; God’s people should know, that God is at work; especially when no one can answer the question; “what will happen after COVID-19”

…an immediate response would be, “…Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” Revelation 22:20

  • Will God’s people become a BACKSLI’DER? — one who falls from the faith and practice of religion. Proverbs 14:14
  • Or will their testimony be pleasing unto God? Hebrews 11:5

 Today, I’d like to look through the eyes of three men, and pray that you will be encouraged as God speaks to your heart.

 Ezekiel chapter 14 verses 14 & 20 we find the names of Noah, Daniel and Job.   

 Introduction: The prophet Ezekiel goes back in time and mentions the names of, “three men”, who were from three different dispensations, and reminds his listeners; that we can live for God with a testimony that’s honoring & pleasing unto God; even in a world that seems to be falling apart. 

Thank God for His marvelous Grace; Grace presents Salvation; Grace keeps us saved; Grace is available for everyone who call on God and God’s amazing Grace is all we will ever need.  

These past few days, I’ve witnessed a Church parking lot at one of our local community Churches; with cars lined up, not for worship service, but the Faith of a few Saints were in action, as they distributed free containers of food to each car, as they passed through. Glory to God and shame on the devil, for those who exercise their Faith; what a testimony from the Church to our Community. 

Will we do more than, sing about His Grace, and talk about His Grace and even Preach or teach about The Grace of God …. may our generation experience the Grace of God, exhibited through the eyes of those who are Christians.  

Glory to God for Noah, who found Grace in the eyes of the Lord; thank God for Daniel who purposed in his heart to be faithful to the Lord, and Praise God for Job who took a stand for God.

While the world looks for answers; a Church filled with peace, power and persistence, has the answer, through the eyes of God, found in His Word.

  • Looking through the eyes of Noah; we notice that he walked with God, while the world around him seemed to be overwhelmed with sin and immorality; yet the Bible records; “But Noah found grace, he was upright, he worked for God and he was concerned about getting his family in the Ark of safety before God’s Judgement fell on that antediluvian society. Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord and maintained a testimony pleasing unto God. Praise God for Romans 5:20 “where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”

Noah lived in a world, surrounded by wickedness and corruption. In Genesis 6:1-7 Noah describes the world he lived in; being filled with every imagination and thoughts of evil. Then in Genesis 6:8 we find a conjunction; But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

  • Immediately I have a question? What would motivate a man to find Grace in the eyes of the Lord, when the world around him is full evil? I believe the answer is because; Noah did not fear evil; he worshiped God. Psalm 107:2-8.
  • Through the eyes of Daniel; he lived in a world as a captive, outside his home, and away from the land of the Temple, where the Shekinah Glory of God is, and where the Glory of the Lord filled the house. Daniel was a stranger living in a strange world. Although Daniel had never seen a place like Babylon; Babylon had never seen a man like Daniel. In the midst of all the controversy around him, Daniel said, he would stand for God; while living in a world filled with compromise and criticism. Daniel speaks to our heart with another conjunction found in this verse Daniel 1:8 “But Daniel…..” purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.

Daniel survived because he purposed in his heart to worship God; even when we cannot go to Church and worship together, we can worship God right where you’re at today, in your heart. Daniel made up his mind to worship God.

Today, those of us who Lord, may feel like we are living under uncontrollable circumstances; personally, if you asked my wife, she would tell you, I’m a fixit kind of person; before starting with plan A, I’ll have plan B in mind. Speaking from experience from my heart to yours; we cannot control the choices others people make, or even the circumstances surrounding us, but let’s look through Daniel’s eyes, and see how the same God that came to Daniel’s rescue, wants to come to our rescue, right now. This is the same God that rescued Daniel when he was cast into Nebuchadnezzar fiery furnace; this is the same God who shut the Lion’s mouth when Daniel was casted into the Lion’s Den. This is the same God we worship today. Daniel purposed in his heart that he would live for God and today when God’s people turn their hearts to God, and stand up for Jesus; God will come to our rescue as He did with Daniel.  

In the midst of it all, I’d like to push the pause and say; Jesus I love You; Jesus I praise You; Jesus I trust You……when God’s all you got, He’s all you need!

 God is good; God is great; God is Holy; God is awesome; God is worthy; His name is Great; His Word is great; His promises are sure….to God be the Glory; Great things He hath done!!! 

  • We find GRACE through the eyes of Noah
  • We find God through the eyes of Daniel
  • Then we look through the eyes of Job; what an atmosphere he lived in! Job lived in a world that was very much like our world today! Job closed his eyes one-night when everything was wonderful; financially he was well off, he owned property, and cattle; according to scripture; Job was a very wealthy man, and in good standing with God, but, before the sun goes down the next day, Job finds himself in poverty; everything around him was gone.
  • Job’s body broke out with sores, and death invades his family.
  • Job lived in a world with much confusion.

In Job chapter 1, while sitting in ashes; that were left over from a previous fire. Job chapter 1 verse 5, we find Job offering sacrifices every morning unto the Lord. When we see Job with great affliction, we see him sitting in the ashes; a place he met with God; a place that he worshipped God; a place where he knew he could get ahold of God and God can get ahold of him. While sitting in the ashes, Job is reliving his present misery, by rolling around in precious memories.

In the midst of his conditions, Job remembers his relations with God and responds in Job 1:21 “…blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Job 13:15 “…I trust in him:…”

Job 19:25-27 “For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:…”  

  • Job realized that God was good, and God was great and God is worthy; Job delights to know that God is at work, in the midst of a world with much confusion.
  • There’s a land that is fairer than day, And by faith we can see it afar, For the father waits over the way, To prepare us a dwelling place there…..
  • Noah points to Grace living for God, in a world that was contaminated with corruption
  • Daniel points to God, when he purposed in his heart to live for God, in his world of compromise
  • Job points to Glory, when he decides to continue living for God, in his world of confusion

Job didn’t wait till chapter 42 before praising God; he started praising God in Job 1:5 before any of this begin.

May I testify today; God is great before, beneath and beyond, Covid-19

He knows my name and your name.  

Written by A.D. Newton